Finart S.A.S. As a manufacturer of Bijouterie, it is committed to the protection of the environment, legal compliance applicable to its activities, through the identification of aspects and impacts: generating pollution prevention that promotes continuous improvement


Establish the guidelines and commitments of Finart SAS to ensure the care of the environment, identifying and evaluating environmental aspects and controlling impacts, thus preventing the environmental pollution generated from all its processes, ensuring applicable legal compliance and continuous improvement.


This policy applies to all processes of Company Finart S.A.S


AIA: Environmental aspects and impacts.

Environmental aspects (AA): Any action or activity that triggers a positive or negative impact on the environment. Example: dumping of dangerous substances into a body of water.

Environmental Impacts (IM): According to the observation of the process, identify the negative or positive influence on environmental aspects, for example, water contamination by the spilled substance.

Legal Requirements: Indicate the specific necessary conditions that must be met by a specific activity, installation, equipment, process or service to comply with the specific postulates contained in the legal texts.

Finart S.A.S has generated a commitment to the environment signed through an environmental policy signed by the legal representative and published for the knowledge of all its collaborators and interested parties.
It is the company's commitment and responsibility of the collaborators to continuously promote and improve the conservation of the environment in all processes through the development and application of principles, policies, procedures and the current legal framework, which allow minimizing the impacts that affect the environment and community.
Establish the following basic activities that must be developed to guarantee the objective of this policy::

It is the responsibility of the Head of Quality and Environment to develop the environmental management that contemplates the requirements established by Colombian legislation, implementing improvement plans, measures to prevent or mitigate environmental impacts, documenting procedures and programs for the proper functioning and development of activities defined in the procedure of “Identification of Aspects and Assessment of Environmental Impacts” PR-01436, the procedure of “Management of Environmental Legal Requirements” PR-01437. As well as develop an appropriate waste management defined in the Instruction "Hazardous Waste Management" IN-02275 and in the Instruction "Solid Waste Management" IN-02276.

It is important to take into account environmental aspects such as the generation of discharges defined in the instructions for “Treatment of Metal, Cyanide and Vibrated Wastewater‘ ’IN-02240.

3 03/17/2017 The concepts of corrective and preventive action are updated.
It is incorporated that the documents are reviewed and updated according to what is indicated in the policy PO.GC.06.01 Document Management.