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All our processes are carried out by expert artisan hands that are mostly women.

Molds and models

This is the initial phase of manufacturing. The design is generated in 3D and a resin prototype is created, from there, master models are created through rubber molds where the metal alloy will be poured, which will allow us to produce large volumes.

Casting, polished and vibrated

The molds will be inserted into our foundry machines in order to add the liquid material (zamak, bronze, metal…) when it comes out of it, it will pass through a conveyor belt where our craftsmen will remove the excess material. Then, they will go to our vibrating machines where they will be given a shiny touch, if necessary and with the help of polishers, our craftsmen will give the jewel a more professional finish.

Strung up

The accessories will be hung on hooks to be taken to the galvanic section.


Here the pieces will be bathed according to the client’s requirements (gold, pink gold, silver, silver plus rhodium, yellow bronze, white bronze) and we apply a protection at the end of the process that allows our jewels to resist use and be preserved in the storage.

Off hook

We lower the pieces from the hooks after being bathed and they are subjected to a quality filter.


Armed with necklaces, bracelets and earrings with natural, acrylic or glass stones, work that is
carried out by expert craftswomen complying with quality specifications.


If your jewel needs color, in this phase our craftsmen will make their professionalism available to obtain a 100% hand-painted jewel, in this phase the gluing of crystals is also done if necessary. u profesionalismo para obtener una joya pintada 100% a mano, en esta fase además se hace el pegado de cristales en caso de ser necesario.


The last phase of the process. Your jewelry will be packed in individual boxes by our expert staff,
giving you greater care and security when leaving our warehouses.